Mining Industry - Silver Extraction

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Mining Industry - Silver Extraction The beginning of mining works in Mikulov dates back to the year of 1404, when the first two miners started to extract here. Since that time, a labyrinth of numerous adits has been created under the surface of Mikulov, where silver ore was extracted.

 Nowadays, part of these adits is owned and maintained by the Czech Speleological Society - group Z0 4-04 AGRICOLA. This non-commercial organization has been studying the history of ore mining in the Mikulov and Hrob region since 1991. The core of its activity is dedicated to the research of the mining history, documentation of old mining works and maintaining them in safe and good condition.

Contact person: Mr. Pavel Chaloupka,tel: +420 721 886 082

Lehnschafter Adit  1550-1858

According to available documentation, this adit is the oldest part of Mikulov mining complex. The complex consists of 4 adits: Lehnschafter, Allerheiligen, Liebefrauen a Kreuzstollen. Between 1550 - 1720, silver bringing galenit was extracted here. The whole adit has 12 floors, its depth exceeds 200 metres and the length of all corridors is 8 km.

All materials on this page were used with the permission of Mr. Chaloupka from Agricola organization.

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