The Emblem

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The Emblem The Municipal Coat of Arms of Mikulov consists of a blue shield, in which a silver castle wall stands on a green lawn with a semi open gate.

The golden portcullis in the gate is pulled up. In the middle of the wall, there is a four-corner castle tower with battlements, out of which the figure of the town's patron St. Nicolas, wearing the bishop's mitre and vestments, is growing. In his right hand, he holds a golden crosier, decorated by a black ribbon with golden fringes. In his left hand, he holds three golden apples on the cover of a closed golden book. Between the battlement and his leg, a small label with the Coat of Arms of the family of Lobkowitz hangs on the wall. In front of slightly open, black latticelike gate leafs, a black mining hammer and a mall lie on a green lawn, both with golden handles. The Municipal Coat of Arms, with a richly decorated frame, is placed in an open gate with a Renaissance arc, on which two angels are leaning. They stand on the heads of the supporting columns and hold the Municipal Coat of Arms with two ribbons. These angels hold the Austrian Coat of Arms in their hands - a two-head eagle, the shield of which is decorated with the imperial crown and the Order of the Golden Fleece as a gem. The next two figures of angles with olive branchlets stand as shield holders in front of the supporting columns of the arch on the sides of the Municipal Coat of Arms.

Created: 24. 3. 2019
Last update: 24. 3. 2019 20:10