logoscbIn the area of Mikulov and Nove Mesto, there are 3 ski areas, open not only for the general public, but also hosting sports events. Six ski slopes stretch from the top of Bouřňák Hill (869 metres above sea level) - 5 of them lead to Mikulov and 1 slope in the south direction. 


1.The Slalom Slope-length 700m
vertical distance 256 m

2.The Old Slope-length 876m, vertical distance 258 m

3.The New Slope-length 933m, vertical distance 261 m

4.The Stump Slope-length 517m
vertical distance 166 m

5.The Tourist's Slope-length 2570m, vertical distance 283 m

6.The Hrob´s Slope (The South)-length 925m
vertical distance 192 m


snownightThe Slalom Slope is equipped with an artificial snow-covering system and lighting. It offers great opportunities for evening skiing three times a week.

skiLovers of cross-country skiing can use the SKI stadium in Nové Město village (4 km away from Mikulov). Skiers can choose from several ski trails ranging from 3 to 15 km in length.

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The ski slope Vitiška, situated approximately 3 km away from Mikulov, offers further opportunities for downhill skiing. This slope is equipped with an artificial snow-covering system and a POMA ski lift.